Best Time for Fundraising

If you’re looking to run a fundraiser, but not sure when to run it, we can help! WE can show you the best time to run a fundraiser. The best time for running a fall fundraiser is the 4th week of August through the 1st week of October. Why? Our experience has shown fundraisers experienceContinue reading “Best Time for Fundraising”

How to build a killer prize program for school fundraisers

Thank you for tuning in to my rants about fundraising. If you’re here searching for fundraising tips and guidance then you’re at the right place. I’m going to share with you the best way to build prize programs. Most are specific to school-wide sales but each can be tweaked to fit your needs. Let’s begin.Continue reading “How to build a killer prize program for school fundraisers”

The Power of $1

What is the best fundraising product to help your school, club, or sports team raise money? My name is Greg and I own/run a fundraising company in Idaho. I have helped several groups and sports programs reach their goals. The information I’m about to share is based on my own experiences and what I’ve observedContinue reading “The Power of $1”

Sales vs Donations

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog. This article aims to cover a few objections I have about fundraising and the direction we’re heading. I also share some helpful information about donation fundraisers vs product sales. Are you one of the parents that would rather give money vs buying a product toContinue reading “Sales vs Donations”

Fundraiser Incentives and prizes that work

It’s takes money to make money should be the center of your prize program focus. I write this post to help you find creative ways to increase participation without spending all of your fundraising profits on prizes. I do not recommend all the incentives in a fundraiser be free but working towards 3% cost reinvestmentContinue reading “Fundraiser Incentives and prizes that work”