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Idaho winters aren't boring if you know what activities are available.

Idaho weather changes so much that it's no surprise our clothing trends can't keep up.

The weather this year has been less than normal and the winter storms showing up in late February would leave one to believe that spring will never come. So how do you enjoy Boise if the weather isn't willing to participate? Here are the top 5 things you can do in Idaho this time of year.

#1 Ski a mountain
Go visit a ski resort or all of them. If you haven't skied a mountain in Idaho you're missing out. One of our favorites is Sun Valley even if it's the most expensive resort Idaho has to offer. Plan on long runs, fair snow and sore legs. If you're relatively new to the sport and don't know what you'll have a much better time skiing some of the easier hills.

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#2 Snowshoe to a yurt
There are some great yurts that you and your peeps can book to enjoy the season. Don't get me wrong it sounds like a great time but you have to be prepared to do this way in advance as the yurts book up really quick. Visit Yurts Idaho Parks and Rec to learn more and get yours reserved. If the weather is bad enough to keep everyone locked inside the yurt you'll want a fun game to play. Check out Codenames 

#3 Walk the Greenbelt
Rain, snow or shine the greenbelt in Boise Idaho is by far one of our favorite activities. The greenbelt provides more than a paved path along the Boise River. One of our favorite places to start would be Payette Brewery to quench your thirst before you start the 20-mile journey. Take a small backpack with coats, snacks, and beer in the event of bad weather.


#4 Drive through City of Rocks
If you've never been on a car ride through the City of Rock you're missing out. Some of the best memories come from a car full of junk food, a map and taking in the scenery.  City of Rocks can be a long trip especially if you don't live in the area. Make sure you have plenty of food, snowshoes, gas and a swimsuit. When you're all finished taking in the views stop by the Durfee hot springs and soak up some fun. 

#5 Run, it's free
Idaho is home to many trails. Whether it be the Greenbelt mentioned earlier or a snowy mountain trail, you can't be a good run in the brisk weather. Using any popular GPS tracking app you can find tons of local reviews and trail information good enough for every level of running you're prepared to take on.

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