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Opening Day

Today is a big day for us at Idaho Active because we're live with our new store. We're here to stay....or we're here to start a bigger better journey. We've been through a lot of changes over the last few months working to build a brand that meets the needs of the consumers and enthusiasts who follow us. We hope you like what we're doing and ask that you stick around for the good stuff.
We're all about the outdoors and active lifestyles Idaho has to offer. To add to that, we're not just about the dirt, mtns and going to the extreme. We want to help others engage in everything that makes you move. Just the other day we learned how to play pickleball and it was more than worth our time. Go see Manitou park tennis courts and you'll discover it too.

We look forward to sharing the journey together. Hang on tight, we're just getting started!



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