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Puffy Coats


Oh how we love the cold weather! The frosty mornings filled with warms drinks, maybe a fireplace, terrible drivers and cold weather attire. It seems as though everyone has invested in a down filled jacket. On our most recent adventure to Lake Tahoe revealed that most of the crowd was wearing a down-filled jacket of some sort. Is it a trend? Are the jackets really that warm? Which brand is the best?

I remember photographs of our parents wearing a down-filled vest and it was enormous. Do you think puffy jackets would be a thing if technology hadn't changed how thin we can get them? Aside from the old school vest and today's puffy jackets they are still a thing.

Here's what we like about them.

  • They are compact
  • Lightweight
  • Super comfy
  • Waterproof (some brands)
  • Trendy
  • Relatively inexpensive

There are several places for you to shop for one of these jackets but before you make the purchase be sure to check out some of your local stores. The Outdoor Gear Lab did a great job of breaking down the downs. Check out their article if you're interested in what might be your next outdoor gear purchase.

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