Rock climbing around Boise

Tis the season or not? Rock climbing is a year-round sport thanks to the die-hards and the curious newbies. Boise has had its ups and downs in the climbing business but indoor shops still survive to those looking for a thrill.

Rock Climbing urban Ascent

The YMCA was the only place that I knew of for rock climbing when I first moved to Boise until the BSU rec center was built on campus. I remember purchasing my first pair of shoes, harness, chalk and necessary equipment to make it a hobby. I quickly grasped the idea and found myself spending more and more time bouldering indoors. One of the rec center members asked me if I want to venture outdoors to the Black Cliffs for a morning climb. I didn't know what to expect and I wasn't sure the offer would come around a second time so I agreed to join. If you haven't been I'd recommend you go pick up a book with routes. Here's the book Pek and I used to navigate different sections of the Black Cliffs. 

Boise climbs: A guide to rock climbing in the Boise area

When I was in the thick of climbing and having a good time there weren't many options in the way of indoor climbing facilities. To this day there aren't many shops available but there remains one that stands out.

Urban Ascent is located downtown and has more routes that one could imagine. The group has done an amazing job adding new equipment and features to keep any climber busy. Every year they host a huge event called Urban Legends and it's well worth watching. If you're looking to get plugged in with the climbing community and places to visit close by speak with any staff member there. Tell them Idaho Active sent you.

Places I'd recommend climbing outdoors if you plan on staying in Boise.
Boulder Table Rock
Climb the Black Cliffs



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