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Hello, My name is Greg. I own and operate a fundraising company here in Idaho. My goal is to help people raise more money using the industry best practices.

Compare and switch

85% is where we start

At this time many of my competitors here in Idaho offer donation software where you keep 70% profit from the start of the fundraiser. That means when grandma donates $100 your group keeps $70. 🤢🤮 We’re not perfect but we have a better solution. The company we’ve partnered with for donation fundraising will give you 85% profit to start. Instantly you capture another 15% by working with Idaho Fundraising Inc. If you’re thinking about running a donation campaign or know somebody who is it’s time to make the switch. Start at 85% profit and work towards getting 100% profit.

100% Profit is coming

As I mentioned, we’re using another companies software to help raise money via donations. We’re currently writing software for Idaho groups like yours to capture 100% profit. When grandma gives $100, that money will remain with the group. If you ran a donation fundraiser this year and plan to do so again, contact us directly. We’re building a list of groups who will help us pilot the program, be one of the first.

More than donations

Maybe running a donation campaign wasn’t the best option for your group and you don’t think you’ll run another one. We offer a lot of options, see what we’re using with the link below Fundraising Options.

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