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Our efforts help fund Idaho schools and activities 🤙
Our efforts help fund Idaho schools and activities 🤙

Fundraising terms and conditions

Our success comes from having you as a customer.  We appreciate your business.  Here are the Terms & Conditions for orders.  

  • The Account must count all cases, inspect product for damage/shortage/overage, reject any damaged/incorrect cases, and make note of any errors/problems on the Proof of Delivery at the time of delivery.
  • If no notations are made, it is assumed that the order is correct and free of errors.
  • Credit cannot be issued for problems reported after delivery.
  • All invoices will have a $95 delivery fee.
  • Orders under $1,500 are 40% profit. Orders over $1,500 are at 50% profit.
  • Continuation orders placed within 90 days of original order will remain the same profit percentage as the initial order.
  • The signatory party hereby executes the agreement individually and on behalf of the Account, and agrees that payment is due in full within 30 days of each invoice date. A 1.5% per month finance charge will apply to all accounts after 30 days and each month thereafter.
  • There is a $20.00 charge on all returned checks.
  • If and when pre-authorized in writing, only full and unopened cases may be shipped, freight prepaid, and returned to Idaho Fund Raising Inc. No credit will be allowed for returns made after 35 days from the original delivery date.
  • Bonus cases, if any, will be prorated in the credit.
  • Return fee of 8% will be assessed on all returns.
  • New accounts not associated with a K-12 school must complete a credit application prior to ordering product for 30 day terms. If your order invoice is under $1250.00 you are charged at the higher case price- 40% profit. If your order invoices at or above $1260.00 you are charged at the lower case price -50% profit.
  • Your order represents the account’s good faith estimate of its requirements for World's Finest Chocolate products. It is agreed by signatory and the Account that merchandise will be paid for as provided.