Not a donation
Not a product sale

…just a Sign Of Support

I loved seeing my photo
at my grandson’s school.


These signs made my
graduation feel special!

~ Becka

I get hyped up seeing my
supporters pictures on gameday.


What are S.O.S. Boards?

In the stands
On the field
On the wall

We’re the only fundraiser where your families and friends SHOW their support. Our program will increase your results, decrease your workload and impress the crowd. We’ve proven that supporters want to help you by purchasing an S.O.S. Board. Your supporters will love seeing their face at your events.

Can you say simple?

  • No money collection, 100% online
  • No record keeping, we do it for you
  • Professional look and feel
  • We’ve perfected the system to a 30 minute group event
  • SOS boards are delivered to the group shortly after the fundraiser ends
  • Profit checks are sent immediately
  • Speedy like a donation without the hassle of buying products, supporters love SOS Boards!

S.O.S. Boards will be a crowd pleaser, team motivator and the easiest fundraiser you’ve ran.