Best Time for Fundraising

If you’re looking to run a fundraiser, but not sure when to run it, we can help! WE can show you the best time to run a fundraiser.

The best time for running a fall fundraiser is the 4th week of August through the 1st week of October.


Our experience has shown fundraisers experience a 30% drop in profit when they start the 2nd week of October. If your fundraiser kicks off the 4th week of October or later, your profit might decrease by 50%!

Here’s why:

Excitement Advantage:
At the beginning of the school year, everyone is fresh and inspired… which means your sale will be more successful!

Early Bird Gets the Worm:
Sales drop after prime time, which is the 4th week of August through the 1st week of October, as communities have already been hit with other fundraisers, events and expenses.

Higher Participation:
Large gift catalogs raise a lot of money because of their selection diversity and online shopping. Put your strongest fundraiser first! On average, a family sells 10 items, so the key factor to success is how many sellers participate.

We don’t need a Fall fundraiser

Not every fundraiser has to run in the fall. In fact, we help groups throughout the year and have found out the hard way, what not to do. We can help you avoid the big mistakes.

If you’re looking for a fundraiser and want to know the best way to structure the event to maximize your results, we’re here for you.

Connect with us to determine what would be the best fit for your group and we’ll help you make a game plan. We always say, the sooner you have a plan the better your results will be.

We created a song and it’s designed to help our elementary students set a fundraiser goal of 10 sales/donations/etc. Feel free to use it in your fundraiser.

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