Best Time for Fundraising

If you’re looking to run a fundraiser, but not sure when to run it, we can help! WE can show you the best time to run a fundraiser. The best time for running a fall fundraiser is the 4th week of August through the 1st week of October. Why? Our experience has shown fundraisers experienceContinue reading “Best Time for Fundraising”

The Power of $1

What is the best fundraising product to help your school, club, or sports team raise money? My name is Greg and I own/run a fundraising company in Idaho. I have helped several groups and sports programs reach their goals. The information I’m about to share is based on my own experiences and what I’ve observedContinue reading “The Power of $1”

Sales vs Donations

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog. This article aims to cover a few objections I have about fundraising and the direction we’re heading. I also share some helpful information about donation fundraisers vs product sales. Are you one of the parents that would rather give money vs buying a product toContinue reading “Sales vs Donations”

Fundraiser Incentives and prizes that work

It’s takes money to make money should be the center of your prize program focus. I write this post to help you find creative ways to increase participation without spending all of your fundraising profits on prizes. I do not recommend all the incentives in a fundraiser be free but working towards 3% cost reinvestmentContinue reading “Fundraiser Incentives and prizes that work”