Fundraiser Incentives and prizes that work

It’s takes money to make money should be the center of your prize program focus. I write this post to help you find creative ways to increase participation without spending all of your fundraising profits on prizes. I do not recommend all the incentives in a fundraiser be free but working towards 3% cost reinvestment is a good target. Plan on spending 3%-10% on your prize program to have a big sale.

Build It Big
We’ve all seen the prize posters that offer prizes up to 150, 200, 250 items sold. We all shake our head thinking, no kid is ever going to reach this level. Chance are you’re probably right. The second year in fundraising I reduced prize levels and saw a drastic drop in avg items sold for the fall. Include big prizes, it creates a wow effect, and you’ll increase the desire kids get when aiming for something big.

What if everyone did
Create a low level prize that requires at least one maybe two sales to win. If we can get 80%-100% of students participate by selling one item in our fundraiser you’ll have a huge sale. Try adding a large prize as a raffle for selling 1 item. I’d also suggest including a cash value that way students who already have the prize will be excited by the money.

You’re Hired
One of the most exciting prizes for an elementary school student is to take over the school or do something silly to the admin. I’ve ran many sales that offer a principal for the day incentive to one lucky student. This student will get to work side by side with the principal for half or a portion of the day. One thing I wanted to create with this prize was a lasting impression so I made a shirt that you could use. Check it out on Amazon. Kids have loved this token of appreciation and it’s a simple prize. If you want more details on how to run this incentive please ask and I’ll share.

No Cost Promotions (Staff/admin)
Dress like…rappers, superheros, pajamas
Shave school initials in hair
Kiss an animal
Principal in jail (build a cell)
Eat Something….Food Smoothie, Hot peppers
Police/Firemen lunch visit (Elementary) Motivates a teachers too 🤭