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Do we have to pay for the chocolate upfront?

In most cases you don’t have to pay for the chocolate upfront. We order chocolate, run the fundraiser and send your payment when finished. Unopened cases can be credited off of your invoice. *Must do it within 45 days of delivery*

Do we need a fundraiser packet?

The only paperwork students have with this fundraiser is a parent letter. This letter has important dates, incentives, and a permission slip. The only other thing distributed is a case of chocolate.

Do we pay for shipping?

There is a $95 shipping fee on all orders. You can avoid this charge if the order is picked up in Boise. Also, Idaho requires taxes on chocolate sales so plan on paying taxes. Non-Profits can send in an ST101 for tax exemption.

What to expect

Preplan the event

We schedule a meeting before the sale. The meeting takes roughly 20 minutes to review important dates, set goals, assign tasks and cover the prizes.

Product Delivery

Chocolate will come a few days prior to our start kickoff. During our planning meeting we’ll pick the best place to store the product. 75˚ or less

The Kickoff (Day 1)

Presentations are crucial in both educating and motivating the participants. We’ll cover the do’s and don’ts of a chocolate sale will help safeguard you from any avoidable errors. We can do an in-person kickoff or virtual without disrupting your normal schedule.

During the Fundraiser (2 weeks)

The day after our kickoff kids will be checking out cases. You’ll be busy checking out cases using a spreadsheet, and collecting money from sold cases. After the first week, things will lighten up a great deal. Cash and checks should be turned into to your financial institution. It is very important to keep good records of who has a case checked out.

End of Sale (Last day)

At the end of the sale we’ll use the checkout spreadsheet to collect funds from students with cases still checked out. Deposit all funds collected and report all unopened cases to your fundraising rep.

Your responsibilities:

  • Parent letter approval, money collection and case distribution
  • All money collected is deposited to your bank, payment to WFC afterwards
  • Record-keeping and money collection can easily make this fundraiser a nightmare if not done properly.
  • In the first week, 75% of the work will be done and you’ll be busy checking out cases, collecting money and recording sales. After the first week, things will lighten up a great deal.

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